What to Do If You Still Love Your Ex – How to Get Your Ex Back in Love With You


If you still love your ex you probably feel as though you’re suffering through emotional torture each and every day. Loving someone you are no longer with brings with it a whole set of unique challenges. It’s certainly not easy trying to figure out what went wrong while at the same time reminiscing about the love you once shared. If you wish you could get back to that loving place with your ex, there are things you can do to make that happen.
When you still love your ex you’re naturally going to want to try and convince them that the two of you belong together. Everyone has their own approach when it comes to doing this. Some people believe that revealing everything they are feeling to their ex will help win back their love. They may do this by repeatedly calling their ex in tears begging for a second chance or they may write their ex a very long, detailed email explaining why the break up is the biggest mistake their ex has ever made. If you’ve already tried either of these approaches you know that they just don’t work. You can’t win back the love of someone by showing them that you are desperate.
Taking on a more mature attitude will definitely help if you still love your ex and want them back. First, before you do anything else, you have to apologize for anything you did wrong in the relationship that added to the break up. Then you have to accept that your ex needs time to work through their feelings. If you don’t give your ex this time, you are damaging your chances of getting them back. Don’t contact your ex for several weeks. Instead use that time to focus on self improvement. When your ex contacts you again, and they will because they’ll miss you, you want to show them that you are an even better version of the person they first fell in love with. Here’s a top secret to attract your ex back, see this page!
There was a point where your ex wanted you, and that was when you were in a relationship together. Now, of course, your ex does not want you; but the problem is that you still want your ex. This can end either one of two ways:
1. You and your ex never get back together, because you don’t know what you have to do to make your ex want you back.
2. You and your ex get back together, because you do this roblox hacks ONE simple thing, which will cause your ex to take you back:
Drop Your Emotional Baggage At The Door – Most people make the mistake of dumping their emotional needs, and emotional baggage on their ex. They do this by begging and pleading with their ex to take them back, and by crying like crazy when their ex leaves. They proceed to dump all of that emotional baggage onto their ex; when in reality they should be dumping the emotional baggage at the door.
It goes beyond this. Some people even get mad when a breakup occurs, and they end up insulting their ex, arguing, fighting, and blaming their ex for all kinds of things; Even MORE emotional baggage!
Others try to make their ex feel guilty, for breaking up, or jealous by dating other people in the meantime. All of this emotional baggage only ADDS to the emotional problems your ex and you already have. Both of you already have enough on your plate; and further emotional input from your end will only push your ex away. To learn how to put your emotions on check after a breakup, see this page!
That’s why you need to cut your emotions out of the picture completely. You’ll find that when you do, your ex will start to want you back, because you are no longer chasing them, you’re no longer impressing intense emotional feelings on them.
Leaving your emotions out of the picture will ALWAYS guarantee a positive result. Just imagine if you had LISTENED instead of argued when you were together? Just imagine if you had been patient, instead of reacted when you were together? Just imagine if you had NOT said hurtful things when you were mad, when you were together?
You see, emotions always get in the way of the things we want, especially after a breakup when you want to get your ex back. THUS, by removing them completely, you free your ex, and free yourself and open the doors for them to take you back!
In fact, when you stop showing interest in your ex, and stop showing affection toward your ex, he/she will start to wonder if you had moved on. This will SCARE your ex, and they will fear they are losing you. This will prompt your ex to return and he/she will try to get you back again, simply because you took away the emotions! This is how to make your ex beg you to take them back, go here now!
If you are convinced in your heart and spirit that you made a mistake with your ex and you want him back in your life, then there are a few tactics that you can adopt to make him realize that the breakup was a mistake. These tips will help you to keep the doors roblox hack no root of communication open and get your ex to contact you.
Look your best and whet his curiosity
One way of making your ex really curious about you is to look so gorgeous and sexy that he begins to regret the fact that you don’t belong to him anymore! Look like the woman of your dreams and make sure that you flaunt your new found confidence and sexuality so that he finds himself missing you and wanting to talk to you.
Drop out of the scene completely
If you were always in his line of vision and he saw you very often, he could just get used to the idea that you will always be around. This is the reason why you should drop out of the scene completely and make sure he does not see or hear from you for some time. He will wonder where you are and will try to desperately find out details about you or call you.
Ignore your ex while letting him see you with new friends
Another sure way of getting your ex to call you is to make him see you having a wonderful time with new friends. The fact that you have gone on with your life will make him a little jealous and he might find himself resenting the thought. This might goad him to call you.
Be non-committal and matter of fact when you do meet him
Check back and see if you sounded like you were dying to meet him and get back with him when ever you talked to him since the breakup. Change your attitude and make sure that you sound matter of fact and non-committal when you happen to see or talk to him. This will surprise him and he will wonder if his magic has begun to fade. When he can stand it no longer – he will call.
Be full of surprises
Many men have a “dog in the manger” attitude and your ex could be no different! If you surprise him by being involved in plenty of exciting activities and be seen in the company of attractive guys, he is bound to be very surprised and want to know more! Do all the things he used to want you to do before, but you did not have the courage at that time to do them!
Make your ex wonder about your love life
If you get the message across that you are no longer pining for your ex, he is obviously going to wonder if you have found somebody new! The fact that you don’t message or talk to him any more will make him almost sure that you are involved in a new relationship and this will make him try to get in touch with you to make sure!
Look happy and free
Since actions speak louder than words, you will not have to say much – all you have to do is look deliriously happy and thrilled to be single, eligible and free to date again. Make sure you look extremely attractive and sexy top eleven hack tool so that he begins to really fear that you will be snatched up by someone new. He is bound to call you sooner or later!
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