Visit Cape Verde Where Its Always Summer


In the event you fancy a distinct sort of beach holiday destination, then the exotic Cape Verde islands, a former Portuguese colony, 500 miles off the West African Coast could be just for you. For that brief getaway holiday you just need to have to book your gatwick hotel with parking to secure your vehicle and then hop on a jet bound for Sal, one of the most developed of Cape Verde’s islands. The Cape Verdes have escaped the worst of Africa’s poverty and turmoil and have West Africa’s highest standard of living and a stable government, which lends itself to becoming a relaxing location for a holiday.

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Sal, like the rest of the Cape Verdes, is a volcanic island. The volcanoes are extinct today, but scenically still really impressive. 1 of the gangstar vegas cheats tool should sees on Sal will be the crater lake within the North. Sal’s coastline is lined with gorgeous, white sandy beaches, excellent for any type of water sports. It has turn out to be a premier wind surfing and kite surfing destination, using the constant trade winds off the coast permitting predictable sailing winds. Under the turquoise water surface are myriads of colourful tropical fish and dolphins and turtles are typically observed within the nearby water. Other water sports enjoyed around Sal are diving and deep-sea fishing.

Nightlife is very lively in Santa Maria’s bars with live music a Cape Verdean specialty. Over in Boa Vista, closer to the African mainland, the nightlife check here is more low key but the island has a few of one piece treasure cruise hack cheats the very best beaches in Cape Verde. Throughout the nesting season, Boa Vista’s beaches are a prime spot for loggerhead turtles and you might be lucky enough to see one of these prehistoric animals lumbering up the beach at night to lay her eggs, if you are lucky, and stroll down the beach at the right time, usually between June to September.

Boa Vista has sand dunes in the interior; the truth is much of the island’s surface appears to be covered in sand: even some of its buildings, like the Praia da Chaves, an old ceramics factory, have been swamped in sand. Date palms sprout up sporadically giving a rather surreal twist to the landscape.
Sao Vicente is an island lying further west inside the Cape Verde archipelago. Its major town is Mindelo, which is an architectural treat, with many of its buildings and monuments dating back to the Portuguese colonial era.
Beaches on Sao Vicente are not as great as some of the other islands, but you’ll find still a lot for each taste. Foya Branca, effortlessly reached by shuttle bus from Mindelo, has Sao Vicente’s best hotel and beach with lovely clear water and white sand.
Sao Pedro and Calhau’s Sandy Beach are internationally famous windsurfing spots and have been included on the speed windsurfing circuit. Within the North of Sao Vicente is Baie das Gatas, only reached by four wheel drive, which has a natural lagoon and is a great swimming spot.
Santo Antao is the greenest and most fertile of Cape Verde’s islands and is effortlessly reached by an hour lengthy ferry ride from Mindelo. It is a stunning island with great opportunities for hikers in its rugged mountains and verdant valleys.