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Choosing the right travel agent for Turkmenistan will solve many problems you may face when you prepare for a trip to this country and/or other countries of Central Asia.The travel agency will help you arrange the visa, air transportation, and find best travel professionals locally.

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Turkmenistan is an amazing region, a unique destination for tourism, full of tales and legends. This unknown land beckons the visitors, since it breathes with history and holds many reminders of the birth of ancient civilizations, the development of medieval towns, the numerous invasions, the famous dynasties of Tamerlane, the Seljuks, and the Sassanids.

The surviving archaeological remains are a reflection of the history of the East in various stages of development. Only here the once mighty walls of ancient cities, the crumbling palaces and mausoleums, mosques, cemeteries, abandoned watchtowers, almost covered with sand ruins of ancient settlements stand before you in all their beauty and grandeur. You will be able to touch the objects that retain the energy of the people, who lived many thousands of years before you. Many a lucky archaeologist found a coveted artifact or an love this website item of the ruling dynasty in Turkmenistan that would take him to the origins of civilization as if he were going to take part in the hunt for mammoth.

In Turkmenistan, you can let your imagination roam, and when tired of dreaming, you can visit wonderful modern resorts and plunge into the world of luxury on the shore of the warm sea, enjoying unusual eastern cuisine and admiring the incomparable architecture.

The ruins of the ancient Gurganj, the once mighty capital of Khorezm, is not only a center of tourism, but also a place of pilgrimage for Muslims. Now it is a modern city, and the existence of a powerful medieval state is hinted only by the surviving monuments and ancient buildings. Striking beauty and perfection of the forms of ancient architecture impress the tourists despite their venerable age.

When in the city, one should visit the mausoleum of Fakhr al-Din Razi, the fortress of Ak-Kala and the 67-meter high minaret of Kutlug Temir, which is considered the highest in Central Asia.

Nissa is an ancient city, located 18 km west of the capital of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat. Nissa is famous for the ruins of the ancient Parthian state that existed at the crossroads of two epochs of the last millennium BC and the first millennium AD. The settlement consists of two fortresses, the ruins of the Old and New Nissa. Here are the remains of the ancient city where some homes had survived. During the excavation, numerous rhytons-cups in the form of the horns of ivory were found here, as well as sculptures from stone and clay, hammered coins, and clay tablets.

Merv is another share more content ruined ancient city located on the banks of the Murghab River. Excavations at the site lasted for almost a century, and made Merv one of the most important historical monuments of Turkmenistan. The oldest part of the settlement is the ill-preserved citadel of Erk Kala.

Dekhistan is a desert terrain in the southwest of Turkmenistan. Two thousand years ago it was a flourishing oasis in the Atrek valley and a popular place for ancient settlements.

Misrian is the remaining part of the huge settlement, located in Dekhistan, and is its main historical monument. The city traditionally consisted of a citadel, the inner city and suburbs. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the most advanced centers of various crafts. Sarahs used to be a large shopping center on the Silk Road between the cities of Nishapur and Merv. Today, it is yet another popular attraction for international tourists.

The mobile strike hack ios nature of the country is carefully preserved due to a large number of reserves, parks and unique environmental complexes in the desert of Kara-Kum. Gurdak is known for the picturesque foothills and the majestic scenery of the Pamirs. Extremely beautiful peaks and ravines, waterfalls and mysterious caves make this place an object of the country’s pride.