Tips For Training Your Puppy


Having a dog as part of the family can be a wonderful experience for everyone. It gives all in the house another member to love and have fun with. It can also help to teach your children about responsibility and caring for another creature. Some people get a puppy knowing exactly what to expect and know how best to approach training of their new friend. Others may never have had the experience before and are not quite sure what to do. For those that are new to being puppy owners, here are a few tips for training your puppy that can help make things a little easier for you.

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When you are first starting out with training, you are going to want to try and keep the training sessions brief. Puppies do not have a long attention span and will likely get resistant to what you want to do after a bit. You may want to keep the sessions limited to five bursts that center around meal time and not much more than that. If you do it before meals, he will see the meal as a reward for good behavior and is likely to follow along better.

You also need to remember to be patient. Puppies are very much like small children. They are not going to grasp everything right away and need steady repetition and reinforcement before ideas start to stick. Expecting them subway surfers hack online free to master a command on the very first day he is home might be a little unreasonable. It will take some time and lots of repeating, but eventually it will start to sink in.

To go along with this, while being patient you need to remember to keep your cool as well. Do not lose your temper simply because he is not grasping a command right away. Scolding and yelling really will not help any and the dog will not understand what you are upset about.

This is why positive reinforcement is such a key in training. When you have a puppy, praise him lavishly for everything he does correctly. A positive top eleven cheats 2016 reaction is going to generate better results much more than a negative one will. The puppy will notice that your reaction is good every time it performs a certain act so that behavior is likely to appear more so it can get praised.

Dealing with nipping is something that goes hand in hand with having a puppy. Puppies need to constantly chew and also nip quite a bit when they are playing. It is a good idea to have plenty of toys around for the puppy to chew on because this will make it less likely that he will choose to chew on shoes, curtains, furniture or anything else.

Always remember that training your puppy is a continual process. As he begins to learn more commands and understand things better, you will find yourself adding other commands in to get even madden mobile hack ios better response and behavior. Eventually you will have a wonderful, loving and obedient companion for the whole family.

Are you looking for more information regarding Training Your Puppy? Visit today!

Are you looking for more information regarding Training Your Puppy? Visit today!