The Art of Creating Divine Compost in Our Lives


In the wake of welcoming ourselves into the New Year of 2009 we cannot help but notice that a decaying process is taking place. Under normal circumstances this process would seem in ecological balance to the rest of our lives. Death and rebirth are but sides of the same coin. Each is contained within the other. But to those of us willing to pay attention to both our inner process and the outer reflected world, the energy seems to be flowing towards click more details the disintegration of those patterns and structures in a way that challenges us not to grip our minds and hearts in fear.
Normally we try to keep the compost pile out of sight over in a corner. A beautiful process that is sometimes stinky and not pretty in its slimy disintegration is not something we place at center stage. We appreciate the good work of the bacteria and fungi in breaking down the organic materials we supply to our pile, but we give them wide stance to do their important work.
And now the decay is in our faces. If we turn one way, there it is. Twisting our head another way, there it is in another form. Some days it seems as though it is coming from every direction. We can feel overwhelmed by the rate and depth of decay. Or we can embrace it. Just as a compost pile needs to be turned over for aeration in order to encourage the process, so we need to aerate our compost pile of fear with love and gratitude.
Perhaps we have lost money in the stock market, our home mortgage and/or our job is at risk, or we lost money moving into other currencies. Financial institutions are failing and we don’t know where to put our money. Ways of managing money in the past no longer make sense now. Then we turn on the news and see and hear about people from all corners of the world suffering in some way. A subtle kind of anxiety begins to surround us as we realize that the labor pains of this decay are deepening in preparation for rebirth.
What can we do? Remember who we really are. Know that we are Source. It is not that we deserve abundance and creativity; we are that. In our compost pile is the key to a new way of Being for us. If we calm down and appreciate that what is not needed anymore is falling away from us, our strengths for new ways of creating become obvious. When you hold the flower you also hold the compost or there would be no flower.
Be gentle with yourself and others. We are all the same energy of love at the core. Have gratitude. Give what it is that you want bluestacks head soccer hack to get. Move your energy by giving whether it be a smile or a dollar. Recycle your own energy rather than constrict around the decay. Be that which you would want to see evolve from the decay. Be it now….Do not wait for other signs of love and peace to begin….this moment is waiting for you to choose. Check in with yourself often. Release any self-judgment by drawing it into your heart.
Move your energy by breathing your composted energy in for transformation and exhale compassion and rebirth for yourself and all beings. Step inward in meditation and extend your light of love to yourself and all others. Step out physically and connect with others of like mind for support. Love your compost. Your unique flower is seeded within.
Copyright 2009. Andrea Avari Stevens is the author of “A Hit of Heaven: a soul’s journey through illusion.” She is currently finishing her new book entitled “A Lunatic in Love: creating soulful relationships.” Andrea will be offering Coaching for the Awakening Spirit using the practice visit more information of mindfulness awareness through teleclasses on her almost newly designed website (due in February). She can be reached at

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