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IQR helps to face many challenges and provide services in sectors like Finance, HR, Supply chain and many more. It also includes improving of database as well as generation of the same and it also goes for the lead files too. IQR helps to manage the process efficiently and try to build cost effective relationship also by-
– Providing quality services to customers.
– Making sales (cross and up sales)
– Developing company.
– Track record.
– Low cost

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IQR is a leading provider of both inbound call center and outbound telemarketing services solutions.
Our state of the art, award winning telemarketing services excels at providing a variety of cutting edge telemarketing call center services including; appointment setting, customer care, database maintenance, event registration, up-selling cross-selling, subscription renewal, insurance telemarketing, group benefits, catalog and software support.
IQR’s telemarketing and data experts can quickly custom script, program and professionally design a call center or telemarketing application to fit your companies specific

needs! IQR account executives guide you through every step in setting up your campaign and are always there to answer any questions or suggest improvements.

IQR calling agents are trained to professionally mirror your companies culture and approach to business each and every call. Our goal is seamless integration with your organization, while providing you with the professional call center or telemarketing services support you expect.

IQR鎶?telemarketing services utilizes the most advanced technologies in the teleservices industry
IQR’s telemarketing services utilizes the most advanced technologies in the teleservices industry including: state of the art predictive dialers, Microsoft certified programming services, detailed daily reporting, live call transfer capabilities and digital recording for quality control.

Out source your outbound telemarketing or inbound call center servicesoperations to our telecenter and free up valuable personnel resources, enabling your team to concentrate solely on your core business!
Custom telemarketing services provided by IQR follow a specific milestone process during program development including; initial executive strategy session, scripting development, database development, telemarketing specialist training, report testing and program launch.

Every phase is approved by you, before share this site moving to the next milestone.
Telemarketing Service Reports
Track your telemarketing or call center programs progress with our highly detailed daily reports! Our inbound call center or outbound telemarketing production reports are easy to understand and distributed in Microsoft Excel format.

With the help of these reports, you can quickly drill down and determine how your call center or telemarketing campaign is progressing at a glance with detailed statistics including; appointments per hour, sales per hour, calls processed per hour, average length of call, positive response rates etc.

Advantages of outsourcing your telemarketing services to IQR.
Short Ramp-up ?We have the experience and knowledge to quickly and efficiently custom design a telemarketing solution to fit your companies unique love here requirements.
Expertise – Offering over 5 years of telemarketing and call center operations and management experience, IQR is a ready to assist you with your telemarketing or call center services requirements in a seamless one stop shop environment.
Highest Quality – Telemarketing appointments or sales generated by our call center specialists are 100% guaranteed! Every sale or appointment is verified by real racing 3 hack tool IQR management personnel before distribution to your company.
Expert Database Services – Our Microsoft certified database technicians custom program our state of the art call center equipment for seamless output of your daily productivity reports in an easy to read Microsoft Excel format!