Teenage Birthday Party Games


When it comes to partying, you wouldn’t find bigger enthusiasts than teenagers. Whether they organize one themselves or request an adult to do so, the effort is always double for these bundles of energy. When organizing a teenage birthday party, it is very essential to keep a few basics in mind. The group needs to be incorporated in every activity and everyone should participate for the effort to be a success. It is very easy for teenagers to get ‘lost’ within the crowd, in groups, etc., and want to do their own thing. This is why birthday party games should be designed to create a mixed group and ensure 100% gta 5 cheats participation.

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The balloon war is an all time favorite with teenagers. The group is split into elected teams, and the aim is to steal the balloons allowed to fill up the dance floor. The excitement and grabbing is a great energy booster.

Birthday party games also include the ‘Man Hunt’ game. This revised version of the good old hide and seek is played within the limited area, and the mobile strike hacks effort is to discover the hiding place of the person named, from the opposite team.

A great addition to party games is the ‘Wooden Spoons’. Yes, everyone guesses the other’s identity blindfolded and with the help of a wooden spoon!

Another hilarious game is the deadly combination of ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘Shocking Questions’. In these games, the group is divided into two teams. One participant from each team asks the opposite team a list of preset questions and fills in the answers to an absolutely different set of questions. The person, who contributes to a not so hilarious outcome, has to dare!

‘Acronym Antics’ is yet another hilarious party game. In this game acronyms are worked upon to create definitions for randomly selected words. For Example: MATH Mentally Affected Teacher Harassment!

‘Act It Out’ or good old ‘Dumb Charades’ is also another great teenage party game. Here, the scenes or names of movies are enacted for the opposite team members to guess.

‘All On One Side’ is a party game where each participant is given a balloon and a situation is created, either with music, dance, or an external stimuli, like bumping into the person, and the aim is not to allow the balloon to touch the ground.

The game of ‘Ambush’ is one where a number of clues share this site are left around, and you have to guess the ambush site within the area. It is very like the treasure hunt that children love.

You could even organize a ‘Marshmallow Bob’. Although this could get a little messy, but if organized well, it is fun personified. In this game, you preset marshmallows in a bowl of flour, and make each participant hunt for as many as he or she can, in the face of opposition from the other team.

‘Musical Chairs’, ‘Apples to Apples’, and ‘Bingo’ are also great party games. The trick is to ensure 100% participation, and maintain the energy levels.

You can even tap core competency areas. For example, the game of ‘Dress Me Up’, only takes a few sheets of newspaper, to come up with some great fashion wear!

Teenagers tire easily if the action is not consistent, and to retrieve the enthusiasm after they form groups and start chatting is very difficult. Along with the games, you need to keep the soft drinks, punch, and snacks coming quick enough to fill in the breaks between the games. The success of a teenage birthday party lies in organization and your guests themselves can help you do just that.

Teenage birthday party games are available at a number of online and offline resources, and a little prior planning and research go a long way. The magic lies in total involvement of the guests, from the organization and procuring of the frills to the self service at the party!