Teen Ministry Games


Games will get the teens in your youth ministry program involved and interacting with one another in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. Games can be Biblebased or Christian themed to remind teens that they are participating in a faithbased activity. Biblebased games can encourage teens to study their Bibles and become more familiar with their Christian faith. Options include asking teens check more to identify which spiritual gifts they have and how it is used in teen ministry, a favorite character virtue necessary in adolescence or sharing the teen Bible character they most admire and why. When sharing this information with a teen partner, each can use the information received to introduce the partner to the group after the game. Provide a printed list of virtues and spiritual gifts so that teens unfamiliar with the question options will not feel excluded.

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Grab Your Bible Games

Many teen ministry games require a Bible to play. You can send teens on a scavenger hunt using Bible verses as clues, such as Sampson meal in Judges 14:89, Abraham placed young Isaac in Genesis 22 and the prophet poured on teenaged David In 1 Samuel 16:13. Teens can bring back pictures of the items on camera phones instead of the item, such as a bottle of honey for Sampson meal, a picture of an altar in real racing 3 hack android Genesis 22 and oil for David’s head. You can also print out Bible passages used in teen Sunday school or youth group lessons on paper. Cut the verses up into single words or phrases and have the teens correctly reassemble the verses based on Bible references.

Bible Knowledge Games

Bible knowledge games encourage teens to dig into Bible study if they want to win. or What Am I is a Bible trivia game where teens tape the name of a Bible character or event with relevant Bible reference passages on the back of each teen. Teens can ask other attendees questions to learn who are what they are such as, or New Testament? or I a real person?”, “Am I a dream or a story? or I male or female? Teens continue to ask questions until they determine what is written on their cards. Bible trivia games also require Bible love this information knowledge to answer questions such as child who helped the prophet Eli as a teen, “musical instrument used by teenaged David,” who defeated a giant or man who deserted Paul on a missionary journey. For novices or preparation study guides, sponsors can provide teens Bible references.

Secular to Sacred

Teen ministries can adapt popular secular games. Play Bible charades either as mime or in a drawing format by using Bible characters or common items, such as teen David defeating Goliath, the furnace where three Hebrew teens were thrown, or the ram Abraham found in the thicket instead of sacrificing a teenaged Isaac. Use a category format to group five or six trivia questions for team play. Play “Name that Hymn” utilizing traditional songs out of the hymnal or contemporary worship choruses sung by the teens in Sunday school or worship and a piano or keyboard to play the beginning notes.