Teamwork Games


Group activities are the best icebreakers share more content dragon city hack cheats tool one could think of. Be it shy students at high school or awkward employees at the workplace, everyone finds a way to unwind themselves. Teamwork activities not only help you to get to know your colleagues, but also unleash certain qualities in you, which you yourself may not be aware of. In kids, they can inculcate a feeling of oneness and enhance their leadership qualities. Read ahead, for some game ideas.

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Build a Castle

This game can be played in a group of 1015 adults, divided into groups of 34 each. Let the team members sit in a circle with a model of a castle and some clay. When the whistle blows, one person starts building a castle, as per the model. When the whistle blows again, the clay is passed on to the next person in the team, and he starts building the castle from where the first person left. The game continues until the castle is made. The first team to finish making the castle is declared winner. This is a great teambuilding activity, as each member’s contribution counts.

Pass the Baton

This is apt for large groups of more than 4050 people. Divide into teams of at least 810 people each. This game can be simultaneously played by all the teams. Make the members from every team stand in a line. A baton is provided to the first person standing in each line. When the whistle blows the person is supposed to pass the baton to the next person in line, from between his legs. Similarly, the second person passes it to the third, and so on. When the baton reaches the last person in the line, he is supposed to run with it and occupy the first position in the line. The game continues until the person originally real racing 3 hack android at first position, resumes his place. The first team to complete this relay is declared winner.

Fill the Bottle

This one can be arranged immediately after the above game, without disturbing the positions of the teams. Every team gets a bucket full of water, placed in front of the first person in the line. There is an empty soda bottle at the end of the line, behind the last member. When the whistle blows, the first person cups his hands, takes handful of water, and passes it to the next person. The second person passes the water to the third person and so on, trying not to spill too much water. The last person fills the soda bottle with whatever little water he receives. The game continues until the whistle blows again. Every team leader receives a model to make a replica of (like castle, bridge, etc.). The team also receives building material. The model is accessible only to the leader, whereas only the members are allowed to actually work with the material. The leader studies the model, and directs his teammates to replicate the model by merely giving verbal instructions. The team that finishes the task first, is declared as winners. This is a great game to teach kids the importance of clear instructions, and executing them accurately.

Avoid the Obstacle

Get a few items in a room, which will require the kids to walk around, step over, or duck under, in order to pass. Every team consists of 3 kids, with one kid blindfolded. The blindfolded kid starts at one end of the room, and is required to reach the other end in order to win the game. Meanwhile, he has to rely completely on the instructions (‘walk around’, ‘step over’, or ‘duck under’) of his teammates to avoid the obstacles in his path. This game not only reinforces team spirit, but also fosters trust among the kids.

Tug of War

This is a popular favorite, that can be played by kids and adults alike. Being one of the simplest games, it can be played at social gatherings, community outings, or children’s fun fairs. All you need is a long rope after all.

You can devise your own games, to be played at office parties or social gatherings. Sports like basketball and baseball are also good ones that rely on great teamwork.