Talking Product Videos


Although my main business is a Print Agency, I provide a new & novel service for marketing on internet pages,e-mailed newsletters, & mobile phones. the service is called Talking Product Videos.

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Talking Product Videos
Talking Product Videos uses clipart, or a photograph of an animal, cartoon character, or product, and makes them talk on videos for Internet, emailed newsletters (using an email video marketing tool called “Attain Response”), and mobile phones.

I am able to use up to 4 characters simultaneously in any given video, and almost any product can be converted into a talking character. For instance, my Christmas Greetings video features, amongst many others, the following characters :-

A moaning mop, an overworked saucepan, a cheeky lorry, an excited alarm clock, a rebellious glove puppet, and a miserable cat. The video also features a meercat as a Health & Safety Inspector.

A link to the video is given in the Resource Box

More samples can be seen on my Youtube channel

Applications of Talking Product Videos

There is huge potential for these videos, and one of the most exciting uses could be wireless mobile phone video content. I am currently in consultation with a wireless mobile phone content provider who recognises the huge potential of this service.

A wireless mobile phone content provider sees my videos reaching potential clients in shopping malls, clash royale cheats & possible in football grounds. For instance, if a retail store in a shopping mall used their service, they could send my videos (advertising their products) to all potential shoppers mobile phones that passed within 100 metres of their store.

NFL & soocer clubs could also advertise their promotional merchandise at half time in a similar fashion.

Use of Talking Product Videos for charities, & in support of ethical issues

I actively support ethical issues such as the Environment, animal welfare, & spiritual matters. I have used the videos to support environmental & animal welfare petitions. Links clashroyalehackcheatss provided to my video channel on ethical web site Pledging for Change. Sample titels iclude the following:-

Deforestastion – The Burning Issue

Stop the Drilling of the Arctic

Clean Up Your Act

Anti Live Animal Skinning in Chinese Fur Trade Petition

Stop Horse Cruelty in American Horse Meat Trade

The videos would also be a great way for charities to attract donors and sponsorship, particularly any animal related charities. Imagine, for instance, a homeless dog charity being able to send out videos where a homeless dog actually ask to be homed.

I genuinely feel that my type of videos would appeal also to the youth generation, & would be a great advertising & marketing service to offer clients who are targeting them.

I have included a link to a downloadable PDF which details Talking Product Videos works & what is required from clients to make it work.

Lastly, There is an application called Myxer share more details on my Pledging for Change profile. This application will allow anyone download my Talking Product Videos direct to their mobile phones. I have set the charge for each video as FREE, as a test run. Please feel free to try them out on your mobile phones. You can find my Pledging for Change profile ty following links from video links in the Resource Box.

Many thanks,

Mike Spencer