Talking of Big Fat Wedding – Quick Tips!!


Weddings are the most momentous occasions that bind two souls together for yu gi oh duel links hack cheats the lifetime. It is a ceremony that signifies the feeling of being together and spend the entire life taking care, how many “Mangoes “destiny throws on us. Along with the harmony of couples, it is also the moment where the two families connect to each other profoundly.
In this modern tech world, marriage is still given the utmost importance. Marriage is something that speaks out the official commitment and love. It gives a definite meaning to the relationship, with regard to security and convenience. It is just not an occasion but the stage to get immense excitement with the pre arrangements and when the breath taking moment arrives it just can’t be described.
Why wedding is important??
• Share that thought: Circulation and exchange of thoughts is very important to keep yourself calm and composed. You need someone who listens and understands your reactions & feelings ultimately clearing the way to lead a happy & prosperous life. Wedding gives you that companion who will be there for you no matter what.
• Heavenly Bond: The belief of being together is made in heavens, brings out the feeling of trust and acceptance within the couples and gets to stronger view towards marriage.
• The praise interval: Marriage is the time when you cross all the limits and boundaries. The best of the efforts you take making yourself the stunning bride or groom. It’s the day when all your relatives and friends watch you being in the focus light and you just want to flaunt the best version of “YOU”.
• Memorable Event: It is the milestone that is cherished for the lifetime. It is the event of your love that was celebrated in a grand way and you want to remember it forever. Marriage creates memories that cannot be vanished from your life as it keeps you updated read here about your relationship.
• Continued Epoch: Old age is something which can’t be refused and at one point of time we all going to get our grays soon. That is the time when a companion is truly needed, who can hold your hand and replace the walking stick.
Matrimony Style File!!!
That stunning bridal trousseau plays a major part in the wedding affair. We are not talking just about the brides but also the groom who want their outfit to be the best for the “Jaw Drop” moment. It commences from the wedding dress till the groom’s tux…& more things to accommodate in between. The “Perfecto” style to be captured is the ultimate aim for the present generation.
So what do we have in that closet???
Indian weddings are considered to be the big fat one’s and it is always a giant bash pursuit. Indian culture has staunch emphasis for the weddings & it is always identified to make it a massive affair. This also goes with the perfect attire.
Let’s open the style diary to find out the contemporary wedding fad & more!!!
• The color instinct: Opt for the comfort bridal outfit in which you are confident to flaunt. Try out for more fresh colors, rejecting the usual bridal shades of red or maroon. Bridal lehenga with soft pastel tinges can be experimented with contrast bright dupatta, which is currently trending and looks beautiful on Indian skin tone. Grooms too are all set to steal the show. You guys out there experiment with your wedding sherwani in pastel shade with intricate fuller embroidery across the sleeves to emphasize the whole ensemble. Accessorize it with smart safa, brooches & mojris to complete the majestic wedding look.
• Silhouette check: When it comes to silhouette, choose it carefully according to your body type. Weddings are back locked with sequence of functions. Try out with interesting cuts & varieties of salwar Kameez & kurtis fits perfect with the comfort and style point of view. Men can also opt for brilliant cut & fit of wedding suits.
Quickie tips to the go for bride & groom!!!
• Be You: Doll up for your wedding as it enhances your personality. If you have a sober or loud style, go along accordingly and play with the silhouette and colors.
• Clothes are secondary: It is your day and in the focal point is you. You are the star for the moment and clothes should only enhance your beauty not take it away from you.
• Easy on make-up: Don’t end up looking like a decked up plastic doll in those photographs. Your cheeks should blush naturally. You know what I mean!!!
• Fragrance aroma: Pick up with your signature perfume which pops up your personal vibes and also makes you feel good.
• Shoes the way to go: You are most comfortable in a good pair of shoes to pass through all the hard core dancing epoch. Watch out to that!!!
• Jewels need patience: Be careful before you put on those heavy layers of jewels around your body. Don’t telecast the jewelry ad!!! Be tasteful with your choice and looks effortlessly gorgeous.
• Balance between family & your choice: Indian families can be too interfering and ultimately your choice & plans don’t work out in your own wedding. Stay calm and work out with a separate function that is just for you.
• Relax that nerve: With all the arrangements and preparations going on, you will tend to get stressed. Stress affects your appearance. So, Step in to a spa and relax your mind and body so that you will feel refreshed and energetic for the amazing “D-day”.
Drop in to your very own “Samyakk” store to meet the needs of your complete wedding wardrobe and standout ravishing on the “D-day”!!!!
Stay eternally graceful!!!
Weddings and Memories…Lifetime Treasuries!!!

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