Shades of Cigar Wrappers


Shades of Cigar Wrappers

A cigar wrapper抯 color can convey greatly about how the taste of a cigar will be like. There are a lot of inconsistencies regarding the color of a wrapper. So, we have decided to clarify a number of false impressions about the shades of a wrapper and what impact do they have on the taste of a cigar. The following are some cigar wrapper shades and the influence they have on a cigar抯 taste. They are sorted from lighter to darker:

Candela: These wrappers are also known as Double Claro and they are rather scarce and have a distinguishable green shade and their aroma is leafy and very fresh. The color green comes from the chlorophyll of the tobacco plant. The taste associated with this wrapper includes a hint of sweetness, pepper, cedar and grass.

Connecticut: These wrappers also known as Claro wrappers are grown from Connecticut shade-grown tobacco, often from Ecuador or the US. The taste of this wrapper can be cedar, white or black pepper, cream, grass, butter, coffee and many more. They provide an ammoniac, spicy aroma to cigars and have a dry taste compared to darker wrappers. The cigars that have the Connecticut wrapper are the Punch Cigars and also the CAO Cigars as well.

Natural: Also called English Market Selection, Natural wrappers have a little sweeter with fuller spice taste and other hints of bread, coffee, cedar and at times earth.

Corojo: This wrapper are likely to have a robust, spicy taste with hints of cedar, leather, black pepper, cocoa and earth. They are oily and their color is reddish-brown that is clearly noticeable. The Rocky Patel Edge Cigar Sampler uses a Corojo wrapper.

Criollo: This is the earliest type of tobacco used for making cigars. The Corojo wrapper have slight pepper flavor agar io cheats tool and other check here hints you can find in these wrappers are little sweetness, bread, cocoa, nuts and cedar.

Sumatra: This tobacco has the tendency of being sweeter. A lot of cigars that are infused use the Sumatra wrapper as it is adequately mild not to dispute with the infusion. The taste includes, floral, earth, cinnamon and a touch of sweet trace.

Habano: These are little darker than the above three. They are also the spiciest. Their taste notes are cedar, cocoa, intense spice, espresso, leather and bread.

Maduro: Maduro wrappers consume a lot of time for making them. In fact, they are aged for many years to get a darker color. These wrappers have a host of tastes including black cherry, black pepper, caramel, coffee, dried fruit, molasses, brown sugar and dark chocolate.

Oscuro: These wrappers are also every now and then called Maduro Maduro or Double Maduro and are the darkest. They have a richer, stronger flavor and deeper sweetness because the leaves are normally fermented for more time. The taste of these cigars are like the ones in Maduro wrappers but with a little more sweetness and strength.

Cameroon: They aren抰 extremely oily and are a bit delicate. The taste in these wrappers is very rich and at the same time are smooth. And their tastes include toast, leather, black pepper and butter.

Rosado: Rosado wrappers have a clear-cut reddish shade. Their taste is especially spicy with tones of pepper, earth, coffee and cedar.