Reiki And Spirit Releasement


Many years ago, when I had my very first spiritual healing session, I was told that I had several spirit attachments and, during the session, they were released to the light. At the time, I had no idea what a spirit attachment was, but I knew that for the first time in my life I felt significantly better. For years I had suffered from a deep depression and had tried everything I could to relieve the pain, but nothing had worked.
That was the beginning of healing my depression, as well as many other emotional issues. Over the years, I have released many spirit attachments and always had relief either immediately or within a day or two.
Shortly after that first session, share here I was initiated in Reiki, and started my Reiki practice. I now incorporate spirit releasement into my Reiki sessions.
When people die and do not go to the light, they wander the astral plane in search of their family or their home. They are lost and frightened, and some do not even realize that they have died. They are looking for anything that is familiar to them, and since they are in fear, they are attracted to fear energy.
If we are in any type of fear, whether it is anger, or guilt, or sorrow, then we leave ourselves open to attracting share this site spirit attachments. They feel our fear, and, since like energy attracts like energy, they attach to our fear.
Spirit attachments can manifest in many different ways. Even though they do not mean to hurt us, they can cause physical as well as emotional and mental pain. For example, if the deceased person had back pain, then the person it attached to can also feel this pain.
Some common signs of spirit attachment are fatigue, addictions, depression, physical pain with no obvious cause, impulsive behavior, poor concentration, memory problems, mood swings, and anxiety. As soon as the attached entities are released to the light, there can be a lessening or even absence of these symptoms. I have seen this happen over and over in my Reiki sessions. It is truly amazing.
In order to protect ourselves against spirit attachment, it is clash royale cheats tool important to heal ourselves. If we do not have any fear inside of us, then there is nothing for the entities to attach to. The more light that we are, the more protected we are. Spirit releasement is a blessing, not only for us, but for the entities as well, since they have finally found their way home.

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