Prince Harry Hits Carnival Games


Britain Prince Harry hit the carnival games at Universal Studios, and he must have showed the same skill and dexterity that have been winning him kudos in his flight training. He actually won a giant, stuffed Curious George! You rememberthe monkey who was always getting into trouble. And being the gentleman that he is, Prince Harry handed the huge toy to a nearby child, as a traffic racer cheats tool gift, reports People. It a good bet the thing will be a conversation piece for years, and a family heirloom, until the sawdust and stuffing leak out all over the floor.

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The bright lights of Los Angeles must look good to Prince Harry, after several weeks in Gila Bend, Arizona. Apparently he has been Check our website having quite a good time. Naturally, the prince got a VIP tour of Universal Studios, including a trip behind the scenes, where he was given a gourmet lunchprobably not at all the same fare sold in the food arcades.

Prince Harry naturally had to try out the attractions. He too adventurous to simply stand looking. Sources report he a spin on various rides, including King Kong 360 3D, the War of the Worlds, Jurassic Park: The Ride and Revenge of the Mummy. The Mummy must have been a royal favorite, because he rode it twice.

Afterwards, Prince Harry and his entourage relaxed back at the Beverly Hills hotel, almost certainly taking in the bar, and he was seen in conversation with more than one woman. Just a fun Thanksgiving weekend for a displaced British prince. Perhaps he met the man with the Yellow Hat. (Curious George friend.)