Preserve Ornamental Grasses


There are over 6000 species in the grass family. Included in the graminae family is the read here grass for lawns but also grains like wheat, rice and oats. What makes grass unusual is that growth happens from the crown of the plant. It grows from the crown at the soil level up rather than from the tops of the plant. Ornamental grasses add a sense of movement to a yard. They come in sizes as short as 6 inches to over 10-feet tall. Annual grasses are those that have to be replanted every year.
Lemon Grass
Lemon grass is a tropical grass which should be treated as an annual in cold winter areas. It grows to 6-feet tall. The leaves are thin and bright green. The scent is lemony crossed with citronella. It’s a member of the same family with citronella and palmarosa. Dig up a pot full of lemon grass before the first frost in fall and bring it inside. Placed in a sunny window the plant will grow all season. Lemon grass may be dried and used as a flavoring for food, drinks and potpourri. Skewer chicken on the woody part of fresh lemon grass stems and grill.
Job’s Tears
Job’s Tears grows from 3 to 6 feet. It is related to the maize family and is considered by some botanists to be the forerunner of corn according to The seeds look similar to corn. The seed is naturally a soft white and shiny. As a convenience to crafters it has a hole through the seed which makes drilling unnecessary.
Corn is a grass as well and well not normally grown for its ornamental value in the garden, some varieties are grown for their decorative multi-colored cobs diep io hack 2017 which are preserved by drying.
Feathertop Grass
Neither deer nor rabbits like to eat feathertop grass which is a bonus if your garden is invaded by these hungry creatures. The pale green grass grows to 2 feet tall with feathery plumes in late summer. It grows in all types of soil in partial sun or shade. It doesn’t like boggy soil. The plumes are dried and used in flower arrangements.
Annual Purple Fountain Grass
In warm regions, hardiness zone 9 and above, the grass is a perennial, but for most of the country it’s treated as an annual. The leaves of this grass are a deep reddish purple reaching 4 slither io hack android feet high. The leaves may be dried and used in flower arrangements. It blooms all summer. Clip the feather blooms to dry in arrangements as well. Once the blooms are dry spray with hairspray to preserve them further.