***Loving Yourself: A Path To Manifestation


By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.
January 03, 2017
Discover how loving yourself can not only lead to the manifestation of your dreams, it can also lead to manifesting kindness and caring on our planet.
“Great hearts steadily send forth the secret forces that incessantly draw great events.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
If great hearts draw great events, and therefore support our hungry shark world hack cydia ability to manifest, then what creates a great heart?
I believe that some people are born with great hearts because they have spent many lifetimes developing their ability to love. But even people who are born with great hearts still need to learn to love themselves in order to fully express their great heart.
Whatever stage our heart is at when we madden mobile hack tool no survey are born, we all have the choice to focus on our soul’s journey – evolving our heart in our ability to love. This needs to start with learning to love yourself and then sharing your love with others.
I’ve been thinking a lot about what one thing each of us could do to have an impact on manifesting a kinder, more loving planet. I know that change needs to come from within each of us. The inner change that I believe would create the most outer change is for each of us to develop a habit of asking the following question with every action we take, within ourselves and with others:
“Is this action supportive of my highest good and the highest good of all, or is it self-serving, coming from fear, greed and/or a desire to control others?”
If each of us practices asking this question throughout each day – regarding our actions toward ourselves, toward others and toward our planet – imagine what we could manifest globally!
The Loving Action Revolution
I invite you to join me in the “Loving Action Revolution” on Facebook. Go to , or , and take the Loving Action Revolution Pledge. This revolution is about each person focusing on loving actions moment-by-moment.
Asking yourself this question throughout the day can result in not only manifesting changes on our planet; it can also lead to manifesting your dreams. In fact, the fastest way to manifest your dreams is to learn to love yourself and share your love with others.
The reason for this is that in order for Spirit to help you manifest your dreams, your heart needs to be open. Spirit can co-create with us when our heart and mind are open to receiving the love and truth of Spirit, but when our heart and mind are closed, there is no way for us to receive the gifts of Spirit. The Law of Attraction states that ‘Like attracts like,’ which means that like frequency attracts like frequency. Your frequency is high when your heart is open, and low when your heart is closed. Manifestation occurs for all of us when our frequency is high.
Loving yourself means staying present in your body with your feelings, in Step One of Inner Bonding. It means consciously moving into the intent to learn, in Step Two, about how you might be abandoning yourself that may be causing pain. It means exploring what your feelings are telling you and learning about the false beliefs behind any self-abandoning behavior, in Step Three. It means opening to learning with your higher self about what is true and what is loving to you – Step Four, then taking the loving action, in Step Five, and evaluating how you now feel – Step Six.
It means, asking before taking any action for yourself or others, “Is this action supportive of my highest good and the highest good of all, or is it just self-serving, coming from fear, greed and/or a desire to control others?”
I hope you will practice these powerful Steps and develop the habit of asking this question with every action you take. This is what I do throughout the day – always asking my higher self about what is in my highest good and the highest good of all. I ask it with everything – how I spend my time, how I interact with others, how I treat my body and what I put in my body, and how I treat animals and the planet.
I diep io hacked version invite you, in these challenging and tumultuous times, to join with me and many others in taking the Loving Action Revolution pledge. It’s time to expand our hearts and draw in great events for ourselves and for our planet!

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