Indian Astronomy & Astrology


Indian Astronomy & Astrology

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The dialectics of Uttara Kalamrita

The Uttara Kalamrita by way of Kalidasa is a magnificent astrological treatise. We Deliver the translation of
some verses in opposition to the Uttara Kalamrita

For Jove, the lordship of 3rd and 12th is very good. Simply for Capricorn does he personal the 3 and
12 households.

Benevolent gets to be Jupiter
Each time he results in being the 12th and 3rd lord
In addition at the time Jove owns
8th Household, staying posited within just the 8th !
(Merely for Leo and Taurus Ascendants )
Venus within just the 6th Household is Fantastic
As he components the hedonistic 12th !
7,4,9,10 & 11 Fantastic for North Node
And 3rd Dwelling is simplest for South Node !
For benefics Venus Jupiter Moon
Angles and triangles are positive
Furthermore Instant, 11th and 6th
For malefics Mars Solar Saturn Ketu
3 6 10 11 are simplest
For Sunlight and Saturn the 9th
Mercury within just the Area 8th !
Saturn inside individual dwelling, exaltation
Or in just the Signs or symptoms of Jupiter
Is constructive, be he inside Place Very first !
Venus inside the 12th is top quality
Is visit more information the bestower of prosperity
Really should simcity buildit cheat tool not be inside of Saturnine Signs and symptoms !

Combos for Prosperity Yoga

Prosperity Yoga is fashioned consequently
The lords of 2,5,9,11
Are the lords who rule Prosperity
The lord of Moment characterize amassed prosperity
The lord of 5th is a Lakshmi globe
The lord of 9th is the lord of fortune
The lord of 11th recommendations positive aspects
If this kind of lords 4
Variety interactions amongst by themselves
Via conjunction or as a result of particulars
Or via constellational interchange
Prosperity Yoga is fashioned !
Contrarily, the lords of 6,8,12
Develop demolish and damage within just their reign !
Health conditions galore and money owed unnecessary
As well stress of enemies potent !

The 18 Astronomical Treatises of Indian Astronomy !

Of all the 18 astronomical treatises
Aryabhateeyam is extolled
Furthermore Mahabhaskareeyam
Those treatises package deal with computation
Of planet抯 longitudes !
Longitude corrected thrice
In the direction of get hold of the real longitudes
Mahabhaskareeya talks relating to
The 8 motions of planets
Guide or retrograde
Retrogression is Vakra
Ativakra is highest Retrogression
Finish of Retrogression is Kutila
Sluggish movement is Manda
Slower action is Mandatara
Signify action is Sama
Immediate movement is Sheegra
And speedier action is subway surfers hack ios Sheegratara !
18 Seers wrote
18 treatises astronomical
Surya wrote Surya Siddhanta
Pitamaha wrote Pitamaha Siddhanta
Vyasa Siddhanta was completed by means of Vyasa
Vasishta wrote Vasishta Siddhanta
Atri wrote Atri Siddhanta
Parasara Siddhanta was published as a result of Parasara
Lomasa, Paulasa, Chyavana
Yavana, Bhrigu all wrote concerning the Heavens !

Astronomical Constants inside the Mahabhaskareeya !

The Sidereal Time period of a world is the no of times it normally takes toward crank out a circuit of the Zodiac,
the Luminous 360 amount Circle inside of the Heavens !

A single Sidereal Period of time is named a Bhagana. Inside of an Equinoctial Cycle of 43,20000 a long time, named
a Maha Yuga or an Aeon, the soon after are the revolutions performed by means of the main planets.

Solar 43,20000
Moon 57753336
Saturn 146564
Jupiter 364224
Mars 2296824
Moon抯 Apogee 488219
Mercury抯 Perihelion 17937020
Venus?Perihelion 7022388
Moon抯 Asc Node 232226