How Your Memories Can Make You Angry And How You Can Manage It


Anger and vindictiveness always comes from the belief that one is cheated and their life is unfair. For Eliott Rogers, it seems that the memories that he focused on were of two varieties which, in combination can cause anger and rage.
The first type of memory is one that you are a nice person who deserves better things than what you have. Eliott seems to have grown up believing that he deserved wealth, good grades, and all the best, including beautiful women. Since ourworld gem codes cheats he grew up in an affluent family and he had memories of being a good boy and good young man, he believed he should have the best of everything.
Belief in entitlement alone does not always breed violence. Many people who believe they deserve the best work hard to achieve their goals. They stay grounded in reality and do proper things to reach their goals. However, it becomes a problem when they believe that their life is unfair.
According to the You Tube Video and Manifesto, Eliot became more frustrated with his virginity and lack of success with women that he felt the only way to make life fair was to seek revenge. He had memories that played over and over in his head about rejections from women in the sorority and other young men’s success with them. Additionally, he had memories of himself being nice and the nicer he treated the women the more entitled he felt. The anger built inside him until he needed a release.
The obvious question is, why doesn’t everyone who experiences frustration and anger for long periods go on a shooting spree. There are many reasons. First, many of us have childhood memories of punishment when we more information broke rules at home or at school. We learned natural consequences. Although I do not know Eliott’s history it seems that he had no fear of death or violence and had nothing to refer to for trouble for himself.
I have a friend who is 42 years old and his memories of women are dramatic horror stories of bad dates and unwanted drama. However, he works at his job, has fun with his friends and works on understanding women and relationships better. He has anger about the past but is healing it though therapy.
When you have bad memories that make you angry, you can get help to let go of the anger and bad habits so you do not repeat the past. You can learn through therapy and coaching to release the feelings from the past and move on to a happy and successful future. You can learn how to heal your memories by going to my website .

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