Fitness Plans & You


We all have tried various fitness plans to lose weight, build muscle best fiends cheats tool or increase endurance. The problem with most fitness plans is they were score hero hack online designed by someone else for their needs, not yours.
Let’s take a look at how you can develop your very own fitness plan using other fitness plans.
#1 Interval Training
I have this as number 1 because interval training is my favorite fitness plan. So what is interval training? Interval training is running or biking at 70% to 80% of your top speed to increase your heart rate. You do this for one minute. Now after the minute you do not stop, but you go at a leisurely pace sort of like walking for one minute. Once the one minute of the slow period is over you increase your speed back to the top speed.
You continue with this repetition for 15 minutes. Once you have completed the 15 minutes your cardio workout is complete. You accomplished the same cardio workout in 15 vs. the 30 minutes it would take to achieve the same results.
This is one of the best fitness plans you can do to increase your endurance. However, we are not done yet. On to #2 fitness plan.
#2 Weightlifting
Just going to the gym or the park and running is not a good enough workout. I should know because for about 2 years that is all gardenscapes cheats I did was run the trails at the local park.
One winter when I could not run anymore due to snow and cold I decided to join a local gym. I did my normal interval training, but then I decided to try some weightlifting. The next day I discovered some muscles I had not used in quite some time.
I thought I was in good shape because I could run a mile in about 7 to 8 minutes without any problem, but I had not used my arm muscles for two years. I felt like a weakling. The next time at the gym I continued doing weightlifting as part of my fitness plan. I have really noticed a difference in my overall health by adding weightlifting to my fitness plan.
When I say weightlifting I am not talking about heavy lifting. I usually use the light dumbbells about 5lbs. to 20 lbs. to work my biceps, triceps and shoulders.
Now I do cardio for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then I move to weight training for about 20 to 30 minutes. Finally I go back to cardio to cool down for another 10 minutes.
#3 Aerobics or Step Classes
Aerobics and step fitness classes have been around for years and are excellent for weight loss and cardio training. These fitness plans are excellent to change up your fitness plan. You can throw in one or two of these classes into your fitness routine to do something different.
Fitness classes are good because you can build some good accountability partners through other attendees. If you miss too many classes they will ask where you have been. Checks and balances are a good thing when it comes to developing the discipline or habit of working out.
There you have three fitness plans you can use and modify to your liking. Creating a fitness plan is fun and challenging. I challenge you to do all three and see which one’s will work best for you and your own fitness plan.

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