Expert Status Means Increased Revenues


Expert Status Means Increased Revenues

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Many people think marketing is only about getting word out about your product or service. There’s more, much more, to marketing. In most cases you must also establish yourself as an expert. With competition for the consumer’s dollars at an all time high, there are some very simple strategies you can implement to gain better market position while increasing your expert status. A better position can equate to increased revenues.
To gain expert status some will choose to put their knowledge into a book. The world of book publishing has changed so much that what was once out of the reach for many is now very doable. However, there is time, effort and costs involved in taking a book to market.
A more viable option for many would be as simple as writing reports and/or articles. If you have knowledge about a particular subject, turn that knowledge into a special report. A special report is a multi-page document packed with valuable “how-to” information that readers can use immediately.
Special Reports
A special report contains information on a specific topic. You can either write the report yourself, have more details a staff member write it, or hire a ghostwriter. There are plenty of freelance writers who can develop your information into an excellent report.
In some cases you will want to give your report away and in other cases you will sell the report. Primary reasons to give your report away is to drive traffic to your website, promotional opportunities, and as a thank you to premier clients.
Reports position you as an expert. The most common type of Special Report is a “How to” report. Your report should solve a problem such as making money, getting healthy, building a successful business, building a better team, etc.
Here are some quick tips to write an effective report.
– Write on something specific to your knowledge base.
– Outline your report so that there is a good flow to the information.
– Virtually any topic can be written about if there is a market demand. What people are looking for are ways to increase income or revenue, increase productivity, improve the quality of their personal or professional life, or decrease costs in some way. It may be that you have something that covers all these points or it could be a report on one of these points.
– Research your information as you develop your report. You will find people want more of your reports if the information is well researched and valuable.
– Often the most difficult part of writing is starting. subway surfers cheats game online The best advice I can give is to just start and don’t worry about how it reads. Once you have written all the information, then read through it and rewrite as necessary.