Elements Of A Perfect Masquerade Party


There’s something magical about the masquerade parties. These parties are all about being masked in mystery and draped in decadence.The perfect masquerade party consists of some magical elements, let’s see what they are:
As we always say, everything from the venue to decor to food to entertainment should be decided only after considering your budget. Determine your budget and then plan the things accordingly!
Picking a theme is a daunting task and several hours of browsing the super mario run hack net for that perfect theme only make the process more complex. So, the solution lies in eliminating the hassle by opting for a simple and elegant theme. You can go for themes such as color theme or old Hollywood glamor or Mardi Gras!
This is the most important part of linerangershacktools a party. The venue that you decide should be spacious enough to accommodate all your guests. When we talk about a masquerade party, the venue should be such that elegance oozes out of each corner. So, consider searching for a venue that has high ceilings, a staircase, an indoor and outdoor area. Moreover, the venue should have an easy access from where the guests would be arriving.
Paper invites are the best options for such type of parties. A heavy, textured cardstock can convey the elegance and magic of the upcoming party in a more effective way. In case you are running short on time or simply can’t do paper invites then you can email enticing invites to all your guests. Just make sure that you mention the details of your party in an appropriate manner.
Decorations are meant to set the mood. This is something you can’t go wrong with. Your masquerade party decoration should comprise of candles in all shapes and sizes and elegant candelabras in golds and browns. Alternately you can even use twinkling lights in swoops from the ceiling. Pay special attention to the color combination you use. You can choose purple and green, black and white or black, white and silver or any other elegant combination. Drapes of silk or check here velvet can add to the magic of your party.Lastly, hang masks on walls or create centerpieces with them for that ever so dramatic feel.
Food is an integral part of a party and when it comes to a masquerade party, it’s advisable to go for quality over quantity. Since all your guests would be wearing masks and evening dresses so go for delicate canapés rather than a buffet. Consider selecting 3-4 savory options and 2-3 sweet options. Also, make sure that the food fits your theme (if you’ve set any). Let your guest feast on delicious little finger foods. Some examples of delicacies that can be served at a masquerade party are crab puffs, avocado wrapped in prosciutto, chocolate fountain, cubes of cake etc.
You will need something to keep your guests entertained until midnight. The best options are live music and party games. You can load your playlist with classic melodies or opt for a live band. Games may include card games, murder mystery games, a game of charades and so on!

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