Dragon Age: Origins – Loot & Gamebalance Revision – Changelog-00-7171



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I added options for editing the drop chances of the new lower and higher quality items for creatures of different strength.

I added options for enabling or disabling almost everything that could not be toggled on or off in the past.


3.1 Advanced Tactics fixes invisible objects.

You won’t see any runes no longer, if the original ones are disabled and you’re not using Auto Loot .

More detailed descriptions in the wizard.

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.0.6 – 1.0.8

The mod was very buggy, since the four different setup types were introduced. This has been fixed by now and has been tested not only by me, but also by a few Check our website other people.

You received no combat experience. This has been fixed.

Some events of the original game did not work as intended. This has been fixed.

More than twenty new items for arcane warriors have been added to the game. The new items are sold at the Wonders of Thedas store and by the quartermaster of the Circle Tower.

This patch includes some minor adjustments and bug fixes as well.


Fixed a bug that caused the new modified runes to be converted to gold when picked up.

The third party mod pages in the setup wizard only get displayed when you choose to install the revision or if you decide to reconfigure it. if you decide to only install the items, loot system or items + loot system, it wont be displayed. if you have installed the revision and decide to load the defaults, it wont be displayed as well.

Fixed a bug in the setup wizard that caused a wrong page to be displayed.

Updated the last page of the setup wizard. It should be easier to understand what the program changed now. for example, instead of tactics installed it now says “advanced tactics was already installed”.

The modified auto loot gets displayed as “auto loot modified for revision mod” in the downloadable content window. the wizard also detects the modified one if it’s already installed and does not simply overwrite it, now.


The new spidermanunlimitedhackcheatz crafting recipes work in the party camp.

Comes bundled with Advanced Party V3.0c which will probably fix or at least reduce the invisible object problem.

The setup wizard allows you to install the mod with or without the balance changes: You can install the complete mod, only the items, only the loot system or the items and the loot system, now.

New ini settings allow for more customization! Ini settings that do not appear in the installer, have been added to the L&G Revision – Misc Settings section of the dragonage.ini file.

Currently, the misc section contains 2 more settings for downgrading and removal of imba non-dlc items and a setting for enabling the original game’s runes. These settings can be set to 1 to enable or 0 to disable them.

You should edit these misc settings right after installing the mod.


You can buy runes from the Wonders of Thedas shop and from Bodahn, now.

The installer received an option to adjust the health of enemies.

The mod is compatible to the Winter Forge mod, now.


You can enable the free DLC items that you get when you start the game and you can disable the downgrading of DLC items in the installer, now.

The Installer allows the user to pick 1 of 3 different base armor settings, including the original game’s base armor values.

The “enable new loot for all creatures” option should work with every version of origins, now. no matter what the language of your origins installation is.

The mod is “no helmet”-compatible.

The selected base armor settings also apply to medium armor.

You got 20 inventory slots for every backpack in the previous version. That has been fixed as well.

Cesar and Gorim in the market district sell a few more items, now. These items get added to their inventories when you enter denerim for the first time.


The new herbalism categories were not displayed correctly in the herbalism crafting window. This has been fixed.

Someone reported that the buttons of the installer slither io hack tool online were not displayed when using windows7 and a higher dpi setting.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to reproduce this bug, but it might be fixed.

Update: The person that reported this bug said that it has been fixed.

A more detailed description, 20 screenshots and a DOWNLOAD LINK can be found here:

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