Dracula Cape


Nothing beats celebrating the Halloween season than being the famous and classic vampire of all time, the Count Dracula. The well-known Dracula has given us more than screams and frights than a lot of famous monsters and creatures. This Halloween, it would be nice to dress up as the medieval Count that everyone loves and fears. Instead of wearing a Halloween fancy dress, try to surprise your friends with a classic Dracula costume.

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Here is a brief history of how the Count Dracula came to be. Count Dracula is a fictional character that this website was created in the earlier times based on a novel in the 80’s. Since then, the name Dracula can be associated with vampirism, mysteriousness, the gothic and the likes. As the ancient legends say, Dracula originated from Transylvania, Romania, a small town in a small country. Buried deep in the catacombs of his castle, he comes back after a long period of slumber and starts spreading terror by victimizing young ladies in their sleep. Legend has it that he could also use sorcery to hypnotize a person and put him under his spell, allowing him to take control of that person.

Dracula is a pretty common Halloween costume. however, you could always make it unique and special in your own ways. In order to dress up as Dracula, you have to have the appropriate Halloween accessories for people to recognize you as such. One of the things you must have would be a long, free flowing Dracula cape. Dracula is usually portrayed to have a long jet black cape with a sharp stand-up collar accentuating the eeriness of this mysterious being. You could search in the internet for possible pokemon go hack tool download versions of the Count Dracula, but you rarely see ones without a cape, so keep in mind that you have to wear a cape in order to be him. You could find Dracula capes in novelty shops and costume stores near you. You could also try purchasing pre-made Dracula capes in the internet. Keep in mind that if you are ordering through the Internet, you must consider the time it takes for the cape to be delivered, so you have to order ahead of time. Capes are usually colored black and blood red, although you can also find some of various colors such as blue and purple. Capes in black are usually the most common, since it reinforces the idea of the Count Dracula being a creature of the Night. The fabric is usually made of silk and satin, but it can also be made of velvet. Velvet capes look better and classier, but they are usually expensive, so you might as well settle for satin or silk. Some capes are colored blood red on the other side; this emphasizes the costume and makes it more elegant and classy. Unlike most capes with flawless black surface, some have strange patterns and embellishments on the surface that make the cape look detailed and slither io hack tool online intricate.

Whatever cape you choose, you should always have to consider the “attitude” when wearing the costume. Have fun practicing some of his lines with his famous Transylvanian accent.