Conventional Or Alternative Medicine – What Is The Difference?


With all due respect there is no better than conventional medicine when it comes to emergency, surgery and trauma. For everything else, alternative or natural medicine is far more effective – particularly for chronic illness which conventional medicine is completely unable to treat or cure.
For more than 10.000 years natural therapies being used, while conventional medicine is but 100 years old.
They deserve the recognition people have given them as they have healing modalities and benefits proven by credible reviewed research.
Modern medicine actually suppresses and thwarts that healing mechanism by head soccer hack ios having unbalanced the complex human organism and its systems, particularly the immune system.
The overuse and misuse of antibiotics by professional practitioners has increased substantially over years.
As the liberal use of drugs increases at the same time ignoring its importance of diet, exercise, supplementation and lifestyle change. This could solve many small health issues without drugs or medication.
Yet this type of treatment of which would have no consequences of any side effects is most of the time ignored and seldom addressed by medical professions or doctors.
The world health organization estimates that some 70 per cent of the world’s population relies on alternative medicine to treat, prevent and cure diseases. In some parts of the western world we have closed – minded medical organizations, they damage and bring in to dispute the entire natural health profession.
Do we have it completely wrong?
Shouldn’t we have dedicated courses in universities and medical schools offering elective courses in alternative and complementary medicines and include it in required courses?
It should have been due to the interest, enthusiasm and reason of medical professions, scientists, researchers and politicians.
Understandably, when it comes to money and profits this is not easy applied. The pharmaceutical companies would lose the trillion-dollar industry it has enjoyed over decades and this is not going to happen very soon in the near future.
With conventional medicine’s birth came the deliberate move by the medical profession to discredit what became labeled “ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE”.
Unfortunately this is the public’s disillusionment with modern medicine and its inability to treat many diseases, as pokemon go hack online well as the dreadful side-effects of any treatment offered that have increased its popularity of complementary and alternative medicine.
It is about time the medical profession starts to educate and not just medicate. Drug medicine focuses more on symptom control; it does not fix the core problem where the illness is coming from at the first place.
Mother nature can do it better! The power of nature was fixing her creatures long before man decided he could do it better. We also must acknowledge that mother- nature is by far better at healing than doctors and their medication.
These alternative therapies are working to treat the entire person, recognizing and stimulating the body’s system to heal the first cause of illness.
There are many natural discoveries that have the power to help heal every illness known to humankind. It is a matter of taking control of your own health, because no one else will do it for you.
Cancer is the second biggest killer in America, and many other western world countries. According to the China Study, rural Chinese women have five times less risk of dying from breast cancer than their American and Western world counterparts. As documented that Chinese men and women escape dreaded diseases that kill over 1 million Americans and plus many more of the western world.
What do they know that we don’t?
Traditional medicines have succeeded over thousands of years, and now modern science can prove that many diseases western medicine has failed to treat and could be cured by natural ways through the power of nature.
For example… heart disease is the #1 killer in America, claiming 700,000-plus lives a year. Yet, according to the China study and a survey taken, over a three-year period not one person died under the age of 64 of heart disease out of 500, 000 men and woman living in two different parts of China.
Why is it, when it comes to sickness and disease that the Chinese in many cases have less risk and a greater healing success rate without depending on prescription drugs than the western world with conventional medicine?
By giving the body the right nutrition, vitamins, minerals etc. the body is capable of repairing itself, not only that, it will defend itself against sickness.
Remember it’s NEVER too late to improve your health. The first three steps: DIET, LIFESTYLE and SUPPLEMENTATION!

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