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L.I.P.S is Tech 21鎶?brand spanking new Laptop Impact Protection System. And we are click great website proud to admit that we like it!

The T19 carry case for laptop utilizes this technology in style, thus providing rugged durability and classy good looks all at the same time. This carry case can protect a laptop with up to 17 inch screen and weight 4 kg. With their unique L.I.P.S technology, the people at Tech 21 are promising some pretty cool things. Another feature which helps is that the carry case absorbs all the shocks at impact while safeguarding your laptop inside. The L.I.P.S technology suspends your laptop in mid air while keeping it securely strapped there within a softly padded lightweight alloy protective frame.

The Tech21 L.I.P.S Carry Case can easily house the heaviest of laptops and doesn鎶?look bulky at all. Instead you can no doubt keep a few more files in there with your laptop – that鎶?how spacious it is. The shoulder strap is heavily padded, so it won鎶?鎻筰g?into your shoulder even if you wear it for long periods of time. The carry handle is also padded.

The carry case is made of Ballistic Nylon material which is notorious for its toughness and durability. This fabric enhances the performance of the laptop carry case as the fabric is easiest to care for and clean. Ballistic nylon doesn鎶?stain very easily as it is one of the most resilient materials out there. The reason for its stoutness is the tight weave pattern used in making it. Ballistic Nylon laptop cases are your best bet when it comes to style as they do no collect lint and dirt easily.

And when you are choosing the right companion for your laptop, do consider the Tech21, T19 L.I.P.S carry cases because they do deliver everything the manufacturer promises and that, too, at a competitive price.

It is also very easy to take care of. Just share this site remember to use a good protectant once in a while before going out, and your laptop carry case will last you a life time. The stitching is very strong and it will take a lot of abuse to make your L.I.P.S carry case give out even an inch.

Like everything else, cheap lookalikes of this product are available, but these aren鎶?only long lasting but may just end up discolouring your brand new laptop. That鎶?right, discolouring almost always occurs and it can not only ruin your laptop but also your clothes and hands.

Its understated grace, charm and very businesslike looks are best for the ultimate professional image. No doubt there are many shinier, more colourful conversation starters out there but if you need something that won鎶?give up on you while you are travelling or in the middle of an important meeting, then this is your case.

With the Tech 21 T19 L.I.P.S carry case, you can rest assured that you will make an amazing impression every time you enter a room. Just use mild soap and water for occasional cleaning and we think that the carry case just might outlast the laptop itself.

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